Director’s Message - BSSITM

From the modest beginning in 2010. BSSITM, Lucknow has now grown into a fully integrated engineering and diploma college. The guiding philosophy of the institute has been creating awareness among students so they can face the challenges globally.

BSSITM, through its various development program gives the students an edge over their counter-parts in enabling them to preparethemselves for a world that has yet to be created for jobs, yet to be invented and for technologies and yet undreamed.

The objectives of imparting education, combined with creation are being met in an integrated form to create a synergetic impact. My focus has been on Development programs, results and global exposure. I feel confident that the college is progressing in the right direction to build an academic institution of great social impact. In the end, I take this opportunity to welcome you all at BSSITM and wish you all the very best in accomplishing you dreams.

Dr. Dhirendra Kumar