Departments @ BSSITM

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

“Making Life Simple & Easy”

The role of computers is the most effective and widely appreciated benefit of modern age. Globalization could have never been imagined without the very existence of computer and internet facility. The computer theatre and its supporting laboratories have an array of computer capable of high speed data processing supported by client server computing facility. Equal weightage is given on the teaching of courses related to hardware & software. The labs are equipped with latest configurations, software followed by net speed of 4MBPS enabling the students to work on DBMS, Computer Network, Compiler, Computer Graphics and animation, etc.

Department of Information Technology

“The Backbone of Globalization”

The programme of Information Technology has the basic contents of computer science but the focus is on the subjects which deal with the storage and sizing of information such as Multimedia System, Cryptography, Network Security, E-Commerce, Bio-Informatics, etc. The department maintains equilibrium between software and hardware subjects. The thrust of software subject is on internet and web based technologies while thrust of hardware courses is mainly on network and communication technology. The department strives to provide its students technical competency, proficiency & industrial Understanding with the help of experienced faculty having years of teaching as well as industrial experience.

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

“Wide & Fastest Growing Field”

Electronics & Communication Department is a crucial field that significantly affects the way we live today. It has become a popular choice of meritorious students on Signal Generation, Antenna Trainer Equipment, Microwave Benches, Turbo & Micro Assembler, etc. The Electronics & Communication labs are equipped with latest equipment as well as latest software to perform proper analysis of various equipment’s. The objective of the department is to provide quality education and prepare the students with good foundation so that they become good engineers.

Department of Electrical Engineering

“Cause of Change in the Way of Life”

The Electrical engineering department is highly equipped to facilitate the study and application of electricity and electro magnetism. The department covers a range of labs to handle problems related to power, electronics, control systems; The department has a team of good faculty capable of handling any problems associated with large-scale electrical systems such as power transmission and motor control. The main labs are Power Lab, Machine Lab & Power Electronics Lab. The department lab keeps buzzing with activities on mini projects, presentations & various other topics covering the latest developments involving the study of high voltage engineering.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

“Driving Force Towards a Bright Career”

The significance of machine & tools can hardly go unrecognized in the advancement of the world of engineering. Mechanical engineering has been one of the core branches and still influencing major interest among all. Our Mechanical department has the finest laboratories & workshops with high quality equipment. Dedicated faculty who keep a constant track of the trends and development strictly monitor the students and ensure rigorous training in smithy, carpentry, measurement, testing, machine shop etc.

Department of Civil Engineering

“The Building Blocks of Real Estate”

God made man, but man with his brilliance made this world a better world to live which would not have been possible without the great skills of civil engineering. The department aim is to expound in students the quality to handle various tasks related to construction,structural,environment,hydraulic,geotechnical,material & transport engineering. Special emphasis is given on training of software used for designing. The civil department has the latest equipment’s like the Total Station which is used for surveying all kinds of landscape and making contours of a region upto 3k.m., Clarks Maxwell Reciprocal Instrument, BMC, Slump Needle are used extensively used by the students to gain maximum output.

Department of Agricultural Engineering

“Making Life Simple & Easy”

Agricultural engineering incorporates many science disciplines and technology practices to the efficient production and processing of food, feed, fiber and fuels. It involves disciplines like mechanical engineering (agricultural machinery and automated machine systems), soil science (crop nutrient and fertilization, etc.), environmental sciences (drainage and irrigation), plant biology (seeding and plant growth management), animal science (farm animals and housing) and much more. Agricultural engineers may perform tasks such as planning, supervising and managing the building of dairy effluent schemes, irrigation, drainage, flood and water control systems, performing environmental impact assessments, agricultural product processing and interpret research results and implement relevant practices. A large percentage of agricultural engineers work in academia or for government agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture or state agricultural extension services

Department of Applied Sciences

"Science : A systematic classification of experience"

Training in science and engineering is very essential for execution of tasks and remains incomplete without comprehensive laboratory work. Perfection only can be achieved through practical application and experimentation. Our labs give every opportunity to students to put theory into practice.
Physics: The physics lab is equipped with standard ISI marked equipment for conducting experiments to obtain accurate results. A spacious Dark Room is attached to the lab for the students to perform experiments in optics and understand the mysteries of light, an integral part of nature.
Chemistry: The Department’s chemistry lab is very spacious giving enough room to the student to carry out experiments without brushing against each other free flow of air through exhaust fitted in the lab ensures the availability of fresh air and flushes out all the gas and fumes emitted while conducting practical / experimentsProfessional Communication (PC/Lang. Lab): The Language lab is well designed and equipped with audio video aids, Digital Board and DLP Projector. Students are groomed with the help of communication software to understand the effect of speech sounds, stress, intonation & speech techniques. The students are further groomed to enhance their communication through group discussions, debates & paper presentations. Special classes for Personality Development are conducted by expert faculty. Mock interviews, elocution, reading & listening comprehension are the buzzing activities of the lab.